1. To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, by stretching beyond our spiritual borders to bring about social, economic, cultural and educational reform to our country. 2. We aim to bring Christ to the marketplace, by building businesses, challenging the minds of the people, while assisting them in discovering their divine destiny. 3. To bridge generational gaps, bringing clarity and understanding to the scriptures to ignite people to do what God has called them to do. 4. To plant churches and educational systems locally and internationally through apostolic insight and impartation. 5. We endeavor to inspire creative thinkers (uniqueness), free worshippers (unashamed) and Bible scholars (unmoved); all combined you have what we call “Culturepreneurs”


The vision of Generation NOW Church is to be a solid and reputable influence to our communities and local government. 1. We will equip our leaders on the importance on creating an atmosphere of worship that will release the presence of God so that the people will be forever changed. 2. We are inspired to shine the light of Christ to all walks of life, while encouraging a relational, relevant, and transparent approach to knowing Jesus. 3. Our vision is bring defined and distinct clarity to the role of God, Family, and Ministry, and how to be “saved”, and still enjoy life to its fullest capacity! 4. We endeavor to provide foundational biblical principle, while releasing prophetic activations and propelling the spoken word in humankind. 5. We endorse righteousness - no condemnation, no religion, only relationship.



Geno Gardner


As a motivated young man of faith; Pastor Geno is a solid communicator, discerner of the times and an apostolic overseer. He considers himself a “CULTUREpreneur” and devotes himself to creating “God-cultures” in every facet of life. Pastor Geno is very well educated on both the sacred and the secular, desiring to build men who are diligent in their faith, homes, health and wealth.


Zion Gardner

"Game Room" Pastor

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Corene S. Gardner

Co - Pastor

A prophetic voice relevant to the times describes one of many gifting’s of Co-Pastor Corene Gardner. This woman of God has a worshipper’s heart and genuinely loves people. She is a
marketplace marvel who eloquently balances family life, ministry and entrepreneurial enterprise.


Skye Gardner

Praise Dance Ministry Leader

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